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May 2010

In This Issue

Visitors are drawn to Yellowstone for many reasons, and the opportunity to see a rich array of wildlife in their natural habitat tops many lists.  The biodiversity of animals within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is as great as that found anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.  But the ecosystem is constantly changing and evolving, which is why wildlife research and conservation programs must keep pace with Yellowstone’s needs.  In this issue, you’ll read about a couple of these important programs, focused on wolves and native trout, which are funded by the Yellowstone Park Foundation with the help of friends like you.

Volunteers and Donors Help Native Trout

Fly Fishing Volunteers Program

Within the past decade, Yellowstone's native trout have faced growing threats from invasive species, disease, and drought. Since 2003, the Yellowstone Park Foundation has funded the highly successful Fly Fishing Volunteers Program, which recruits anglers to help gather vital biological data from the Park's fish populations. You can help by becoming a volunteer! Or donate to the project today, and we'll send you a limited-edition hat as our thanks for your support.

Wolf Research Exchange Program

Yellowstone Wolf

What does the Abruzzo region of Italy, 50 miles outside Rome, have in common with Yellowstone National Park? If you guessed “wolves,” you are correct! Abruzzo National Park is home to the Italian wolf and this past March, two members of the Abruzzo Large Carnivore Research Program visited the Yellowstone Wolf Project to participate in their annual winter study. 

Mark Your Calendars

Roosevelt Arch

Those visiting Yellowstone, or any national park, on special "fee-free days" this summer and fall enter at no cost thanks to a fee waiver by the National Park Service. Come to the Park on June 5-6, August 14-15, September 25 (Public Lands Day), or November 11 (Veterans Day), and enter for free!

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All photos courtesy of the National Park Service unless otherwise indicated.

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