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September 2010

In This Issue

You already know that Yellowstone is one of the most special places on earth, but did you know that – behind the scenes – there are more than a dozen major corporations helping to keep it that way? Since 1996, the Yellowstone Park Foundation has connected generous corporations with tangible ways they can support Yellowstone.  These companies are proud to be associated with this national treasure and know that contributing to Yellowstone is a great way to give back to their customers and employees.   In this issue, read about the many diverse ways corporate America is helping to protect, preserve, and enhance the world’s first national park.

Partners Support "Green" Center of Learning

Old Faithful Visitor Education Center 

On August 25, 2010, the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center opened its doors to visitors for the very first time.  Yellowstone now has a special place dedicated to helping us understand and appreciate the complexity of the hydrothermal features and the volcanic activity that defines the Park. Not only are the exhibits innovative, but the building itself is a model of sustainable construction. A true public-private partnership, the Yellowstone Park Foundation contributed $15 million of the $27 million needed to create the Center and its exhibits, and roughly half of that $15 million came in the form of corporate contributions.

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Fresh Idea: Recycling Bear Spray Canisters

Yellowstone Grizzly Bear 

Bear encounters were in the news often this past summer, and people are paying more attention than ever to bear-safety measures.  When traveling in Yellowstone, especially in the backcountry, Park wildlife experts recommend carrying a can of bear-deterrent pepper spray. If other precautionary actions fail, this special type of pepper spray is a good, last line of defense against an aggressive bear. While few dangerous encounters with bears actually occur, thousands of cans of spray are sold each year and disposal of this hazardous waste has become an environmental concern.

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New Technology Enhances Visitor Safety

Law Enforcement Ranger Vehicle 

In early August, the suspected presence in Yellowstone of escaped prison inmates and their accomplice made national news.  These fugitives, two of whom are charged with committing brutal murders during their flight, effectively evaded authorities for weeks. It was later confirmed that at least one of the fugitives had, indeed, traveled through Yellowstone. If Park rangers had state-of-the-art technology available to them, these fugitives may have been apprehended much sooner.

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All photographs courtesy of the National Park Service unless otherwise indicated.

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